Arts & Creatives

Nothing showcases your brands dedication to the creative arts, than a slick, user-friendly and creative website. We’ve helped a broad range of artists, dancers, teachers and trendsetters develop their brand and audience.

Member portals

Now your members can use your site to get custom content like, upcoming dates, member events, forums and more.

  1. Created targeted content and increase your traffic
  2. Exclusive offers and promotions
  3. Specific FAQ’s
  4. Increase user activity on your site


  1. Add advertising placement to these section and increase your revenue.

Flexible Video and Audio options

Some developers shy away from using video and audio, but we at STORM know exactly how to make the most of your content on any device, browser and internet speed.
We create and optimise video sliders, YouTube integration as well as Vimeo or Streaming MP3 players.

  1. Showcase your work in all it’s glory
  2. Increase the amount of time user spend on your site
  3. Increase the amount of traffic and referral links to your site.
  4. Create promotional content in videos, and display on any device.

Ticketing Sales and Bookings

We can integrate your site or social media with your own eCommerce Ticketing System. This gives you full control of the design, reporting, user permissions and more

  1. Track and monitor your sales and traffic in real time.
  2. Create customer service emails, and automate them for transactions
  3. Easily update, change or refund orders.

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