Charities and NFP’s

Looking for a simple and easy way to get your charity up and running? We have great experience in the NFP sectors, from recruitment and repeat donors, to driving creative campaigns and awareness building.

Our Features

  • Setup recurring donations
  • Automatic emails to thank or encourage visitors
  • Custom donation amounts or set amounts
  • Beautifully designed interactive elements that showcase your cause
  • Showcase the highest donors, or recent donors
  • Run auctions or competitions all through the website
  • Now you can accept donation on your channel of choice, with integrations back into the website.

Our approach

We’ve worked with some the UK’s largest charities and NFP organisations. Including Mind, Action for Hunger, PRS for Music and The Goal Project Charity.

Not only have we organised, managed and run international campaigns, we’ve also created websites, landing pages and membership strategies.

We’ve learned a thing or two about the sector, and believe there is a lot of market potential for growth and expansion. We understand that each organisation has a different audience, tone and objective, we work with you to find your audience and increase the retention of your current donors.

  • Increased online donations by 20% over two months.
  • Improved Email open rate by 5% and click through rate by 2% over two months.
  • 20% increase on CTR in email campaigns
  • 10% monthly increase on key word positions on all search engines
  • Increased donations by 20% over 5 months
  • Trending Twitter campaign in Spain and France, supported by video and celebrity outreach.
  • Increased SEO and Online conversions by 20% per month
  • Increased sales leads from website by 10% per month
  • Increased Search Position on over 50 keywords
  • Decreased monthly PPC expenditure by 50%
  • Increased membership engagement by 20%
  • Increased social media engagement by 40% on all channels.

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