SOAS University of London

We designed and built the following:

Fully responsive to mobile, tablet, desktops

The site displays in full width for sliders, on a grid of 1280 and 960px for desktops, and scales under 490px for mobiles. All sidebars, widgets, carousels are also scaled, or disabled according to the UI plan.

Category and taxonomy driven sliders

The main carousel automatically pulls from tailored blog posts from certain categories and taxonomies, such as post date and popularity. It will therefor priorities articles which have comments or are new. It automatically pulls the featured image as well as the excerpt.

Integration with YouTube API

The integration with YouTube allows the carousel and hero items to pull directly from a channel or playlist. All comments and likes on YouTube can also be used. This was achieved through PHP and Google’s Developer console.

Integration with Facebook API

The Facebook Integration allows visitors to create accounts using their Facebook information, and can also be used on mobiles without opening a browser. It will automatically pull the profile picture and basic information, which doesn’t require additional permissions from the user or review by Facebook. User information is also collected and stored in an XML which can easily be imported into email campaigns or bespoke CMS systems

Integration with Twitter API

  • The Twitter API is used to pull the latest posts and retweets from the corporate Twitter Channel, and allows visitors to like and retweet from the website. It also displays video tweets.

Integration with Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Retargeting

  • Integrated the Universal Analytics Java Script on all pages, within the header.

User account creation and member area

  • This allows users to write articles, add to forums, comment on articles and be notified when there has been activity on their own posts. More importantly, it can also be extended to eCommerce Functions, such as purchase history, transactions and more.

Custom header navigation for landing and Conversion pages

  • High conversion page templates, feature a custom header to drive traffic to conversion pages on the corporate website. These are also developed for mobile and tablet display.

Custom widgets and sidebars for specific page templates

  • Page templates will have their own sidebars and widgets which priorities content tailored to that user journey. This includes, account creations, social media information, related articles and posts, and upcoming events.





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